Posted on Thu, Sep 4, 2014:

Saturday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 9:30 am Sept 27th and 28th we will host a "Cowboy Camp Meeting" with Ron Moon sharing a part of his life as a cowboy.

We will begin with a good old fashion "Dinner on the Ground" pot luck dinner at 5:00 pm Saturday and a good time of singing cowboy songs with the band and Ron Moon sharing words of encouragement and hope. SATURDAY NIGHT WILL OUTSIDE AROUND THE CAMPFIRE, Then Sunday morning at 9:30 am we will get to hear Ron again and more good old time hymns and cowboy songs with "The Shallowwater Band".

Please plan to come to this time of relaxing and just enjoying some time with lovin' folks, singing and a uplifting word from God. YA'LL COME NOW!

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